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Frisby's Current Affair (Seal)
October 26, 1995 - August 10, 2007

My handsome "Seal" had 12 points, missing a major. His co-owners at the time, had never finished him. I was so very happy to get him back to live with me. He was just the sweetest, and easiest boy you could ever live with. He recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge, due to a brain tumor. My heart, and My house has been so very empty without him. I am so lucky to have had him collected--I believe he is the only "Coach" son to have frozen semen available. Hopefully there will be baby "Seals" soon. He was an incredible boy!

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7 weeks old.

6 months, BOS in Sweeps under Deann Christensan.

5 Months.

Seal at 6 months.

8 Years Old.

10 Years Old.

Seal at 11 years old.

Click for pedigree. Bryton Collin Raye



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